People living in the Baltic region travel between coastal cities using local shipping.

Baltic ferries is often luxurious, and the vessels are better described as cruise ferries. Many have swimming pools, restaurants, shops and a night club.

Highslide JSUnlike cruise ships, cruise ferries generally carry cars and other vehicles too. The terminals tend to be close to city centres.

The Baltic region has a dense network of ferries. The map shows medium and long-distance lines. Along the southern coast there are many other local ferry links.

Highslide JSCruise ships come to the Baltic only in the period May - September, but cruise ferries allow Baltic tourism at any time of the year. Out of season, the region can be cold but also very beautiful.

A ferry cruise is an ecological alternative to a motoring holiday. The ships are important for trade so they run anyway. The extra energy used for one more passenger is tiny.Highslide JS

Many cruise ferry voyages are overnight. Travelers get the most from their vacations by sleeping their way from one town to the next.

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